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Monthly Archives: December 2016


EU chemical industry production to pick up in 2017

The EU chemical industry continues to weather the impact of globalisation as well as competitiveness challenges associated with the cost of doing business in the EU. While demand for chemicals globally is increasing year on year, the EU chemical industry’s share of that continues to

Cyber Security

Cyber security is changing the definition of things

Cyber security is changing the definition of things. I invite you to look up the definition of the ‘Internet of things’ in the Oxford Dictionary. You will find the term included as meaning, “The interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects,

2D nanomaterials

2D nanomaterials – New solution for making it

2D nanomaterials, such as graphene, have the potential to revolutionise technology through their remarkable physical properties, but their translation into real world applications has been limited due to the challenges of making and manipulating 2D nanomaterials on an industrial scale. The new approach, published in Nature


Hotels and Airlines having trouble in distribution

It’s among the biggest e-commerce markets, and maybe it’s most turbulent. To compete, players must define their place in travel’s next wave. Decade after the Internet spurred airlines, hotels, and other travel players to sell directly to customers, the sector’s ecosystem is fracturing. Companies are abandoning