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Monthly Archives: January 2017


Cisco buys AppDynamics for $3.7 Billion for growth

Cisco just snapped up AppDynamics for $3.7 billion, one day before the software developer was scheduled to sell shares to the public at a valuation of less than $2 billion. AppDynamics develops software to help companies ranging from Capital One Financial to Expedia monitor their

business intelligence

How Netflix Brought Business Intelligence to Hollywood

Business Intelligence in Hollywood: There’s a wealth of big data out there, and it’s making it easier for the entertainment industry to understand and cater to its consumers. Every song a user listens to on Spotify, every movie they stream on Netflix, and every video


Rolex facing biggest threat in history

Rolex facing biggest threat in history: 1969 marked the beginning of a revolution in the watch industry. That was the year Japanese watchmaker Seiko introduced the Seiko Quartz-Astron 35Q, the first watch to be powered by an electrical oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal. It


Microgrids to play key role in a Low-Carbon Future

Cutting carbon emissions while meeting the growing energy needs of an expanding global population requires innovative, pioneering solutions. One is microgrids, powered by renewable energy. These small-scale grids are exceptionally flexible, bringing power to remote communities and facilities that might otherwise have to wait years