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5 Home Renewable Energy Options you’ve Never Heard Of

While more and more environment-driven communities are continually pushing for a plastic-free Earth, companies are also slowly realizing that opting for renewable energy and ways is part of their corporate social responsibility.

But the battle for saving the environment doesn’t only involve plastic. Fossil fuels, coal-powered plants, and nuclear power plants are some of the sources of electricity that harm the environment. And don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my air-conditioned room, movie marathons, or even my fully-powered laptop as I’m typing this.

However, amidst the frills and thrills consumers enjoy from coal-powered electricity, don’t we realize how detrimental the harmful emissions are?

If only solar panels were affordable, everyone would be on the heels of solar companies and innovators!

But don’t get so crestfallen just yet.

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-little secret. There are other bizarre ways you can turn existent things into clean energy. Here are five that will blow your mind.

1.  Piezoelectric Effect

No, this doesn’t mean your pies can turn into electricity. But the piezoelectric effect, otherwise known as piezoelectricity, is the utilization of crystals to create energy.

When we say crystals, it means it could be any solid where atoms and molecules are arranged in a unit cell.

Now once these crystals are under mechanical stress via squeezing, an electrical power runs across the sides of the crystals; then, these crystals sort of act like a battery with positive and negative charges. Current then flows into a circuit and voila, electricity!

A great example would be Club Watt, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They installed this piezoelectricity-powered dance floor. So the more club goers stomped their feet while dancing, the more power gets generated back to the club.

Homeowners wanting to slash their utility bills in half can make this ingenious technology at home. Talk about instant savings!

2.  Solar Wind

I’m sure you’ve all heard of solar energy and wind turbines. But have you ever heard of solar wind power?

A conventional wind turbine works by installing blades where the wind helps to rotate the blades which in turn, convert this energy into electricity.

On the other hand, solar wind power works by utilizing a satellite that connects into solar wind power. However, instead of using rotating blades, charged copper wires are used to capture electrons hurtling away from the sun.

Once all our energy resources are depleted, this could be the next big thing for using renewable energy at home.

3.  Ground Coffee Residues

We all know how coffee does a bang-up job in keeping us on our toes early in the morning. But if you think about all the coffee lovers who usually drink a few cups on a global scale, that’s an estimated 600 billion cups of coffee per year.

What a waste of ground coffee!

Or maybe not, since coffee can be converted into biodiesel! Biodiesel works through transesterification. So can you imagine coffee powering up your morning and your car as well?

4.  Feces

This is probably the most bizarre of all, but feces and urine can be converted into renewable energy through biofuel once again.

Methane is a high-caliber greenhouse gas. When methane is burned, the byproduct is electricity.

Human and animal waste contains methane which can be extracted through cutting-edge digester technologies.

With proper discipline and willingness, even waste doesn’t need to go to waste!

5.  E. Coli Bacteria

Who would’ve known that the same bacteria that upset our stomachs can also please our wallets?

  1. coli bacteria contain fatty acids which can also be used for biodiesel fuel. What scientists did was to extract enzymes from the bacteria to spike up fatty acid proliferation. Then they removed the oxygen by dehydrating the fatty acid, which in turn produced biodiesel fuel.

A Greener Earth

If people work hand in hand to do little things to help decrease environmental pollution, we can live in a world with clean and renewable energy – starting at home.

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Author Bio: Maria Brooks is a passionate blogger interested in sharing energy saving tips and the need for protecting the nature and resources for the future generation. She frequently blogs at Positronic Solar, which has over 25 years’ experience in solar panel installation, supplying both residential and commercial solar systems around Australia.