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Autoplay video ads on the internet may soon come to end by TRAI

Do you also feel that you are billed for more data usage than you actually consume? This in all probability is due to automatic video ads that play in the background while you browse the internet. But the good news is, TRAI is taking the issue quite seriously and may soon put an end to them.

We have all encountered those annoying online advertisements that pop up from nowhere and begin playing, while surfing the internet. Not only are these videos infuriating, but these online advertisement download automatically while browsing the internet, in turn leading to an uncalled for hike in the data usage of consumers. However, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has noticed this nuisance of autoplay ad videos too and is concerned about the same. Consequently, as a plan of action, TRAI may soon put an end to these nagging pop-up video ads.

The issue of these autoplay video advertisements has been noticed both on mobile and home broadband connections. The telecom regulator is taking the issue very seriously, and an action to tackle the issue may soon follow. “I am concerned with this involuntary download which actually consumes data from the internet packs. This is bad. This is a serious problem, and I am concerned about it.” Times of India reported TRAI chairman RS Sharma as saying. “TRAI officials are working on this, but I think we should work at a much more furious rate. We will be able to come up with some response quickly,” Sharma added.

According to another survey reported by Live Mint two months ago, a survey conducted by nanu, a mobile VoIP app, shows that about 35 percent of Indians using smartphones have experienced increased data billing due to automatic buffering of video advertisements while surfing a website or using a mobile application.

The survey which was conducted in over 23 states covering 14,154 smartphone users showed that 89 percent of the people surveyed were reluctant to click on video advertisements. However, about 42 percent of Indians under the survey were unaware of the reason behind the sudden increase in data consumption, which was actually caused by these automatic video ads. And that makes a need for an immediate action all the more necessary. Also read: TRAI increases mobile data validity from 90 days to 1 year

“We will also speak to the technology people and find out whether there are technological solutions to it. If technological solutions are there, then we will work with the companies and solution providers.” Sharma said. In the past, it has also been argued that, since a consumer actually does not subscribe for these automatically playing video advertisements, the extra and unwanted cost that they have been bearing till now, should actually be borne by advertisers.

Considering the rise in the offering of 4G internet services in the market now, this problem will only get worse, if not immediately tackled with.

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