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Catching People Doing Something “Right”

What is a High Performing Team?

  1. Is it a team which exceeds all goals say by 20%? Sets a benchmark for others to follow?
  2. Is it a team who is highly engaged and comes up with innovative ways to exceed the goals as well as designs sustainable solutions?
  3. Is it a team where team members help each other out irrespective of their specific roles to meet the objectives laid out?
  4. All of the above or none of the above?

This sounds like an intro to Team Building Gyaan – doesn’t it?

I don’t claim to be an expert so its best that I stick to only questions this time and let you think and reflect – there are no right or wrong answers as you know. I hope it triggers some thoughts and you will be able to find your own path.

Three broad elements I think which come to my mind first to build a High Performing Team from a Leader’s perspective. Only suggestion – don’t move to the next question till you give it a thought…

1st Element – Environment:

  • Do you think your job is to provide solutions and if you don’t, will you lose the significance of your position?
  • Do you allow your team members to make mistakes and fail?
  • Do you encourage learning? When the last time you gifted a good book was, shared an article /video with your team which will help them to grow? Your job does not end with sharing – have you ever gone back to them and got to understand what they thought about the book, article or video and understand their perspective?
  • Do you focus on catching your team members when they are doing something “right”? Or is usually catch them when they have done something “wrong”?
  • Physical aspects are important too: Does your team have all the tools, machines , infrastructure necessary to perform their job well ?

2nd Element – Trust

  • Does your team trust you? Tricky question to answer. If you think you have the answer, great. If not, one question that may be help you – when was the last time you discussed your own weakness with your team or when was the last time you did something for them without expecting any return? I mean absolutely – no return.
  • Do you consider yourself as the leader of the organization or the leader of your team? They are not, should not and cannot be the same.

3rd Element – Engagement

  • Do you focus on developing your team member’s strength or spend a lot of time fixing their weaknesses? Is developing your team even on your agenda? I would not blame you if it isn’t because frankly , it is not in your KRA’s .(in most cases)
  • Does your team realize the significance of the work they do in the larger context? In short, how do they perceive their job – do they think they are laying bricks or building a mansion?

High Performing Team is a result, it’s an output . It’s a journey that few leaders take, only those who want the team to succeed even after they have gone.

(Source: Shaju Nair Blog,