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Delivery of the Future: How Drones Are Changing Businesses

Delivery of the Future: How Drones Are Changing Businesses

Drones can no longer be dismissed as novelty products. Trends indicate the commercial drone market will be worth upwards of $2 billion by 2023. As the technology improves, more consumers and businesses will find effective ways to use it. Whether Android and iOS mobile app

The Emerging Trend of Drone Industry In 2019

The Emerging Trend of Drone Industry In 2019

Drone have a wide range of applications in a number of fields, ranging from precision agriculture to aerial mapping. Drones are expected to play a bigger role in logistics and e-commerce sectors. The drone industry is going to witness a rapid expansion this year as


In-flight Wi-Fi and EAN Connection

If some time ago you were able to say “Sorry, I was on a plane without the internet” now it is not an excuse anymore. Airlines are offering faster and cheaper Wi-Fi and you are able to finish your work on-board! But there is also an EAN

drone filming

New method to detect illicit drone filming developed

A new technique to detect a drone camera illicitly capturing video is revealed in a new study published by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Weizmann Institute of Science cyber security researchers. The study addresses increasing concerns about the proliferation of drone use for

Aviation Trends 2017

Aviation Trends 2017: Premium Economy and Supersonic Flights

It has been a tough few years for the aviation industry and 2016 proved no different. Carriers had to navigate the collapse in oil prices and multiple plane tragedies including EgyptAir in May and the Chapecoense crash in Colombia, as well as fire-prone Samsung phones.


China takes leap in arms export market

The US, Russia, and China are the world’s largest arms exporters. They took the largest slices of a growing pie: The global arms trade was 16% larger in 2010-2014 than it was in 2005-2009, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). China in


Weapons changing the future of warfare

Weapons report released by The Congressional Research Service (CRS) on three advanced technologies under development by the U.S. Navy for its surface ships: Solid state lasers (SSL), the electromagnetic railgun (EMRG), and the hypervelocity projectile (HVP). The SSL fires a high-energy beam for short-range defense