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LIDAR is set to change how we drive. Here’s how it works

LIDAR technology has been around for decades and used in everything from spacecraft and robots, to speed guns. It also happens to be one of the technologies driving the development of autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars may not be a widespread reality on the roads just

electric mobility

Electricity: The Future of Mobility

When the conversation turns to the future of mobility, everyone talks about electric vehicles. However, electric drive systems are actually older than combustion engines. Back in 1879, Werner von Siemens presented the first electrically powered locomotive at the Berlin Industrial Exposition. This was followed 18

Auto Industry

3 Ways Auto Industry is been changing by Mobile Technology

Each day consumers spend a little more than 3 hours on their smartphones – and that’s not even making calls. The innovation of mobile technology has forever changed the course of history, and generations moving forward won’t even know what life is like without a


Brexit vote causes European June car sales to slowdown

Following Brexit Vote, Registrations in the EU and EFTA markets rose 6.5 percent last month from a year earlier to 1.51 million vehicles, industry association ACEA, said today in a statement. June marked the 34th consecutive month of auto-sales gains in Europe, though the growth rate

automotive trends 2016

Will U.S. auto sales set another record in 2016?

Automakers sold more new cars and trucks in 2015 than in any other year in history and appear to be on track for another record year this year. But that doesn’t mean it will be an easy year for the industry or for all automakers. U.S.