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17 Advantages of Security Camera for Your Business

17 Advantages of Security Camera for Your Business

You’ve probably noticed that video surveillance cameras are widely used in businesses everywhere. Fast food restaurants, clothing stores, banks, parking lots, and tons of other public places all seem to use video surveillance to help safeguard property. These days, simply locking the doors at a

trade war

US-China Trade War All You Need to know

President Donald Trump is sending his top economic advisers to Beijing this week for talks to avert a possible trade war with China. US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and other senior economic officials will meet with Chinese officials on Thursday

15 Powerful Women in Technology Industry 2018

15 Powerful Women in Technology Industry 2018

On average, Powerful Women are still paid 20 percent less than their male counterparts across many industries. But in some high-paying sectors, such as tech, women are not only paid less than men, but also underrepresented in the field altogether. In Google’s 2017 Diversity Report, the company revealed

Business Travel Market - Uber And Lyft

Business Travel Market – Uber And Lyft Pound Taxis, Rental Cars

Business Travel Market Car-sharing companies Uber and Lyft are rapidly becoming the 800-pound gorillas of U.S. ground transportation for business travellers.  And like any good pair of 800-pound gorillas, they continue to pound the opposition. In this case, its rental car providers and taxis taking

Indian luxury Market: Growing Opportunity

Indian luxury Market: Growing Opportunity

Why to eye and study Indian luxury Market India is one of the fast-growing economies in a current global scenario which is highly competing with the other global markets. For every new market entrant who is attracted towards Indian markets by seeing the volume, growth

Disney-Fox Merger

Disney-Fox Merger: 5 Ways It Could Affect You

Hollywood will never be the same after mega-deal that gives Walt Disney (DIS) all of 21st Century Fox’s (FOXA) movie and TV operations, FX and National Geographic, regional sports properties, Fox’s Hulu stake and international TV businesses. The ink’s still drying (and regulators will surely


Cisco buys AppDynamics for $3.7 Billion for growth

Cisco just snapped up AppDynamics for $3.7 billion, one day before the software developer was scheduled to sell shares to the public at a valuation of less than $2 billion. AppDynamics develops software to help companies ranging from Capital One Financial to Expedia monitor their

business intelligence

How Netflix Brought Business Intelligence to Hollywood

Business Intelligence in Hollywood: There’s a wealth of big data out there, and it’s making it easier for the entertainment industry to understand and cater to its consumers. Every song a user listens to on Spotify, every movie they stream on Netflix, and every video


Rolex facing biggest threat in history

Rolex facing biggest threat in history: 1969 marked the beginning of a revolution in the watch industry. That was the year Japanese watchmaker Seiko introduced the Seiko Quartz-Astron 35Q, the first watch to be powered by an electrical oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal. It


EU chemical industry production to pick up in 2017

The EU chemical industry continues to weather the impact of globalisation as well as competitiveness challenges associated with the cost of doing business in the EU. While demand for chemicals globally is increasing year on year, the EU chemical industry’s share of that continues to