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Green Alternatives in Chemical Manufacturing: Pros and Cons

The chemical manufacturing industry touches every aspect of modern life. From apples to Zoloft, there is virtually nothing that doesn’t require chemicals to produce. In the 1990s, amidst growing awareness of the hazardous impacts of the chemical industry, the green chemistry revolution was launched by

Carbon Nanoparticles

Global Carbon Nanoparticles Market expected to be USD 6 Billion by 2020

Market Reports Center announces addition of latest report on Global and Chinese carbon nanoparticles industry market research to their collection. This comprehensive report provides in-depth analysis of global market for nanoparticles with focus on Chinese market. It provides major technological and market trends, extensive market


EU chemical industry production to pick up in 2017

The EU chemical industry continues to weather the impact of globalisation as well as competitiveness challenges associated with the cost of doing business in the EU. While demand for chemicals globally is increasing year on year, the EU chemical industry’s share of that continues to

2D nanomaterials

2D nanomaterials – New solution for making it

2D nanomaterials, such as graphene, have the potential to revolutionise technology through their remarkable physical properties, but their translation into real world applications has been limited due to the challenges of making and manipulating 2D nanomaterials on an industrial scale. The new approach, published in Nature


Ways chemicals can save us from climate change

Chemicals do not have best reputation when it comes to the environment. Yet it has a vital role to play in developing technological solutions to help save us from climate catastrophe, and could create significant opportunities for global economic development at the same time. Energy

US chemical sector

US chemical sector poised for gains in 2016

Coming off a strong 2015, the outlook for the US chemical industry in 2016 is favorable, even amid the backdrop of slower global economic growth and a less robust overall manufacturing sector, economists at the American Chemistry Council (ACC) said. “Looking to 2016, improvements in