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Top Healthcare Predictions for 2019

Top Healthcare Predictions for 2019

Globally, 2019 will be a year of value-based Healthcare as we expect the ‘outcomes-based care’ focus to globalize. This will trigger maturation of risk-sharing in solution contracting between providers and drug/device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), driving business value for providers. Furthermore, access to affordable and

8 Foods to Fight Stress

8 Foods to Fight Stress

We feel wrung often by the stressors in our daily life. And, stress affects the food choices that we make. The most often foods that one picks up in stress are foods high in fat, sugary foods and drinks. The vending machines seem the easiest

Hypnosis: All You Need To Know

Hypnosis: All You Need To Know

The word hypnosis often evokes strong, comical images stemming from B-movies and antiquated sitcoms. A shady hypnotist with a skinny mustache and evil smile dangles a pocket watch in front of his hapless subject. “You’re getting sleepy…” he slowly repeats as his victim’s eyes grow


Smartphone-powered Ultrasound Machine

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new ultrasound transducer, or probe, that could dramatically lower the cost of ultrasound scanners to as little as $100. Their patent-pending innovation — no bigger than a Band-Aid — is portable, wearable and can be

Sunscreen reduces melanoma risk

Sunscreen reduces melanoma risk by 40% in young people

Yes you heard it right Sunscreen can reduce melanoma risk.  Melanoma is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian men aged 25-49 years and second most common cancer in women aged 25-49 years, after breast cancer. Approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with

Gene Editing

Gene Editing just got easier

An international team of researchers has made CRISPR technology more accessible and standardized by simplifying its complex implementation. The simpler, faster CRISPR, which is presented in the journal Nature Communications, offers a broad platform for off-the shelf genome engineering that may lower the barrier of entry

2018 Global healthcare

2018 Global healthcare Outlook

For health plans, and the US health care industry overall, 2017 was marked by efforts to repeal and replace the ACA. While the continuing ACA political landscape is certainly newsworthy, as we look to 2018, it is important for health plans to consider the big-picture,

top10-medical innovations-2018

10 Best Medical Innovations of 2018

Each year the Cleveland Clinic determines what the top 10 Medical Innovations in healthcare will be for the following year. The criteria to be considered an innovation is that it has to be so innovative that it could change healthcare in a significant way in the

Big Data Could Help Piece Together Our Evolution

Big Data Could Help Piece Together Our Evolution

Using Big Data researchers have developed a new method for sifting through genomic data in search of genetic variants that have helped populations adapt to their environments. The technique, dubbed SWIF(r), could be helpful in piecing together the evolutionary history of people around the world,

CAR T-Cell Therapy

CAR T-Cell Therapy: All You Need to Know

You might have heard of CAR-T Cell therapy as a “miracle cure” for cancer. The approval of Novartis’ Kymriah, the first CAR-T therapy, made headlines in August 2017 as it was the first gene-edited cell therapy for cancer to make it to the market. The