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HetNet infrastructure a $15 Billion opportunity

latest report indicates that mobile operators will spend more than $15 Billion on small cells, carrier Wi-Fi, C-RAN (Centralized RAN) and DAS (Distributed Antenna System) networks, by the end of 2017. Driven by the growing demand for in-building wireless coverage and the huge influx of

Healthcare Information Systems

Global Healthcare Information Systems market to grow rapidly till 2018

A healthcare information system is an integrated system designed for capturing, storing, managing, and transmitting information related to the healthcare of individuals. It collects data from the Healthcare and other relevant sectors, analyzes these data, ensures their overall quality, relevance, and timeliness, and converts the


Blockchain Technology: 5 potential uses

Ashley Kindergan, editor and writer at Credit Suisse, wrote in a new piece that even though the bitcoin network cannot be hacked, it does have its soft points, including the fact that both exchanges and wallets are vulnerable and the network is difficult to scale.


Slow Death of Smartwatch

After several months of delays, an overhaul of its original vision, and some wrangling of hardware partners, Google’s new smartwatch software, Android Wear 2.0, launches this week. But it comes after months of dour headlines for smartwatches and wearable gadgets. Tech geeks may hyperventilate over

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology Ecosystem Trends

Market Reports Center announces a new research-based report on The Wearable Technology Ecosystem 2016-2030 to their suite. This professional and in-depth research report covers opportunities, challenges, strategies, investment potential, consumer and vertical market opportunities, future roadmap, case studies, value chain, vendor market share and strategy,