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FIFA World Cup 2018: Interesting facts

FIFA World Cup 2018: Interesting facts

Just to help kick-start the Word Cup soccer festival that is about to take the world by storm, We have compiled a list of interesting facts about this year’s Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup to be hosted by Russia. What do you

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles – 5 Big Ideas For 2018

Each year brings the electric vehicle future 12 months closer to fruition. Is that a tautology? Sure. But sometimes it’s the obvious things that need the most repeating. And it turns out that those of us who have been paying close attention to EVs for

3D Printed Bicycle

3D Printed Bicycle – World’s First By Arevo

3D Printed Bicycle, world’s first is made by silicone valley start up Arevo. After a career that included helping Alphabet Inc’s Google build out data centers and speeding packages for Inc to customers, Jim Miller is doing what many Silicon Valley executives do after

Mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles

Mutant Enzyme That Eats Plastic Bottles Created

The new research was spurred by the discovery in 2016 of the first bacterium that had naturally evolved to eat plastic, at a waste dump in Japan. Scientists have now revealed the detailed structure of the crucial enzyme produced by the bug. The international team then

Big Data Could Help Piece Together Our Evolution

Big Data Could Help Piece Together Our Evolution

Using Big Data researchers have developed a new method for sifting through genomic data in search of genetic variants that have helped populations adapt to their environments. The technique, dubbed SWIF(r), could be helpful in piecing together the evolutionary history of people around the world,

Indian luxury Market: Growing Opportunity

Indian luxury Market: Growing Opportunity

Why to eye and study Indian luxury Market India is one of the fast-growing economies in a current global scenario which is highly competing with the other global markets. For every new market entrant who is attracted towards Indian markets by seeing the volume, growth

How Market Research Helped This Major Companies

How Market Research Helped This Major Companies

There are a few unique reasons that organizations utilize Market Research, and these reasons change with the phase that the product an organization is offering is in. Prior to product is presented, an organization utilizes Market Research to set up the necessities of the focused

food trends 2018

10 Food trends that will dominate in 2018

The year 2017 goes down in history as the most important ever in grocery. The food world around us is changing at incredible speed, and the industry must evolve. Grocery, now “cool,” is an industry that is attracting talent from the best schools and companies


HetNet infrastructure a $15 Billion opportunity

latest report indicates that mobile operators will spend more than $15 Billion on small cells, carrier Wi-Fi, C-RAN (Centralized RAN) and DAS (Distributed Antenna System) networks, by the end of 2017. Driven by the growing demand for in-building wireless coverage and the huge influx of

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative Medicine Market to Hit $53 billion by 2021

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing biomedical industries in the world because patients are being cured of diseases that were once incurable. Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in human health because the vast majority of treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases focus