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food trends 2018

10 Food trends that will dominate in 2018

The year 2017 goes down in history as the most important ever in grocery. The food world around us is changing at incredible speed, and the industry must evolve. Grocery, now “cool,” is an industry that is attracting talent from the best schools and companies

Disney-Fox Merger

Disney-Fox Merger: 5 Ways It Could Affect You

Hollywood will never be the same after mega-deal that gives Walt Disney (DIS) all of 21st Century Fox’s (FOXA) movie and TV operations, FX and National Geographic, regional sports properties, Fox’s Hulu stake and international TV businesses. The ink’s still drying (and regulators will surely

Sportswear China

Sportswear Boom: When China Starts Going To Gym

To athletic wear companies including Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Under Armour, as well as activewear brands such as Lululemon, what China offers is a perfect mix of factors: 415 million millennials; a booming middle class getting interested in health and fitness; government investment in

Right doing act

Catching People Doing Something “Right”

What is a High Performing Team? Is it a team which exceeds all goals say by 20%? Sets a benchmark for others to follow? Is it a team who is highly engaged and comes up with innovative ways to exceed the goals as well as

omni-channel marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing: New way of Marketing

Omni-channel Marketing, the recent market trend which has seen a growing trend in business. It might have happened that you see a Television Commercial of a shoe brand, next when you open your Facebook you see the same shoe brand being advertised on the right