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Blockchain Technology - A Game Changer In The Hotel Industry

Blockchain Technology – A Game Changer In The Hotel Industry

The blockchain technology is slowly and steadily carving out a prominent space for itself across different industries. Ideally, blockchain can be recognized as a decentralized, invulnerable ledger system that keeps track of economic transactions that can be implemented to record anything that holds value, other


Amazon-Whole Foods: Grocery Deal of the Year

Amazon-Whole Foods: Few people saw it coming. But after the news of Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods broke on the morning of June 15, industry observers seemed to be unanimous in praising the bombshell deal. Why? Because Amazon, despite its prowess in so


Blockchain Technology: 5 potential uses

Ashley Kindergan, editor and writer at Credit Suisse, wrote in a new piece that even though the bitcoin network cannot be hacked, it does have its soft points, including the fact that both exchanges and wallets are vulnerable and the network is difficult to scale.


7 Dermatology Trends that will be Huge in 2017

Dermatology treatments go way beyond just your face. If you are worrying about something related to your skin, hair, or nails, it may be time to head on off to a doctor. An expert can recommend a course of treatment to cure what ails you,


Hotels and Airlines having trouble in distribution

It’s among the biggest e-commerce markets, and maybe it’s most turbulent. To compete, players must define their place in travel’s next wave. Decade after the Internet spurred airlines, hotels, and other travel players to sell directly to customers, the sector’s ecosystem is fracturing. Companies are abandoning

Hotel Industry

5 Major Hotel Industry Trends To Tackle in 2016

Hotel Industry is changing at rapid pace and here are five trends that are changing the face of the hotel industry and providing an eye-opening look at what lodging operators should be leveraging in 2016. The travel world has undergone a substantial transformation in the last