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Business Travel Market - Uber And Lyft

Business Travel Market – Uber And Lyft Pound Taxis, Rental Cars

Business Travel Market Car-sharing companies Uber and Lyft are rapidly becoming the 800-pound gorillas of U.S. ground transportation for business travellers.  And like any good pair of 800-pound gorillas, they continue to pound the opposition. In this case, its rental car providers and taxis taking


Hotels and Airlines having trouble in distribution

It’s among the biggest e-commerce markets, and maybe it’s most turbulent. To compete, players must define their place in travel’s next wave. Decade after the Internet spurred airlines, hotels, and other travel players to sell directly to customers, the sector’s ecosystem is fracturing. Companies are abandoning

Shipping industry

Shipping industry Trends of Future

The Shipping industry is constantly evolving and striving for increased innovation. The past few years have been exceptionally interesting. Major trends like globalisation and containerisation have reshaped the industry and continue to present us with challenging changes even today. This dynamic environment creates a very