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Delivery of the Future: How Drones Are Changing Businesses

Drones can no longer be dismissed as novelty products. Trends indicate the commercial drone market will be worth upwards of $2 billion by 2023. As the technology improves, more consumers and businesses will find effective ways to use it. Whether Android and iOS mobile app development will allow consumers to select drone delivery from their phones, or companies use it to make inventory and other internal processes more efficient, it’s clear that there are many opportunities for this technology to be integrated.

Some already have. For example, businesses large and small have begun experimenting with using drones to make deliveries. Zipline International already delivers medical supplies to remote areas with drones. Major brands such as Amazon and Walmart have also developed plans to use drones in this capacity.

There are many reasons businesses are investing in this idea. Drone delivery simply offers major advantages current delivery methods can’t offer. They include:

Improved Customer Service

Drones don’t need to navigate roads to get orders to customers. Thus, traffic conditions won’t slow them down. This makes it easier to provide customers with efficient and reliable service. Companies that begin making deliveries via drone may benefit from increased brand loyalty as a result of this service.

Reducing Costs

Again, drones deliver items efficiently by avoiding roads. They also don’t need human drivers. This means businesses can potentially save a lot of money on fuel and labor by using drones instead of cars or trucks to make deliveries.

Conserving Resources

Drones come in various sizes. A number of the smaller quad or octo-copters don’t require much energy to operate. This helps companies save key resources. Since younger consumers prefer brands which are socially conscious and operate sustainably, this gives companies a unique opportunity to appeal to an emerging customer base.

Pleasing Shareholders

It’s fairly easy to demonstrate the positive financial impact switching to drone delivery can have on a company’s bottom line. Thus, businesses which use drones to make deliveries will be able to quickly prove to shareholders this was a smart decision.

Of course, there will be some difficulties involved in shifting to this new approach. Companies need to be certain the technology is reliable in order to confidently use drones when delivering items to customers. Regulations throughout the world may also limit their ability to fly drones in certain areas. Additionally, there will be some concern that drones are taking jobs from human workers.

These are all understandable worries. However, history has shown businesses and society in general are typically able to adapt to new technologies. Those that embrace drone-based delivery sooner rather than later will be most likely to reap the benefits.

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