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Global Automotive EGR Systems market expected to ship 36.44 million units by 2019

An EGR system helps recirculate gases from the exhaust system in an automotive engine. The EGR system valve opens when it encounters pressure from a vehicle’s exhaust and sends back the exhaust gas into the combustion chamber. The primary function of an EGR system is to reduce the combustion temperature of the fuel in an automotive engine, and thus reduce production of NOx during engine operation. In gasoline engines, the EGR system also reduces fuel consumption by de-throttling the engine at partial load. At present, the adoption of EGR systems has increased because of stringent government regulations regarding the emission of harmful gases, such as NOx, and PM.

The Global Automotive EGR Systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.85 percent during the period 2014-2019. The demand from various governments to reduce pollution is expected to drive the market in coming years. The APAC region dominated the Global Automotive EGR Systems market, accounting for a share of 47.01 percent in 2014. The APAC region was followed by Western Europe, North America, and the ROW, accounting for market shares of 22.99 percent, 10.98 percent, and 19.02 percent, respectively. BorgWarner, Delphi Automotive, Denso, Eberspächer, Gits Manufacturing, Klubert und Schmidt, KSPG, and MAHLE Behr are some of the major vendors in the market.

EGR System Market

Several factors drive the growth of the Global Automotive EGR Systems market, one of which is the regulation of NOx emission. EGR is an effective strategy to reduce NOx emissions from diesel and gasoline engines. To comply with rigorous NOx emission regulations, a combination of NOx reduction catalysts and EGR systems is used. Vehicles in European countries undergo stringent checks for compliance with emission standards. Japan and the US have adopted similar regulations. Governments issue such emission regulations to reduce the effects of harmful gases on human health and the environment. The primary aim of these legislations is to reduce the release of NOx and PM from the vehicle’s fuel. Another factor that drives the market is the improved fuel economy.

Despite the presence of several drivers, the growth of the Global Automotive EGR Systems market is curtailed by certain challenges. One of the major challenges in this market is the adoption of SCR over EGR in diesel engines. SCR is a technology that converts the excessive NOx gases produced in the engine to water and nitrogen. It enables the engine to operate under optimized combustion conditions such as high temperature, high peak pressure, and excess oxygen. A DEF such as AdBlue is introduced into the exhaust gases before they reach the catalytic convertor; AdBlue is a widely adopted variety of urea solution and is readily available in the market. Another major challenge faced by this market is technical issues.

However, the Global Automotive EGR Systems market shows immense potential for growth during the forecast period because of the emergence of certain positive trends. One such trend is the combination of EGR system with SCR process. SCR and EGR are technologies used to minimize the emission of harmful gases, especially from diesel engines. SCR technology reduces emission through the use of a catalyst and a DEF. AdBlue is used to convert excessive NOx gases into water and nitrogen. EGR technology, on the other hand, addresses emissions in the combustion chamber by reducing the temperature of exhaust gases. Combining these technologies has led to the innovation of solutions that meet the stringent NOx emission regulations. Another trend is the development of hybrid EGR systems. The combined effect of these positive trends is expected to propel the growth of the market during the forecast period.

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