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Positive Developments to Keep Polymerase Chain Reaction Market Growth Rolling

Market Reports Center announces an addition of a comprehensive research report on Global Polymerase Chain Reaction market to their offerings. The report estimates the market to exhibit significant growth and hit $12.56 billion at a growing CAGR of 8.8% by 2022.

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Table of ContentPolymerase chain reaction is an appreciated medical appliance used in diagnosis, clinical trials, and drug discovery.  PCR application in critical research areas including forensic science, HIV DNA detection, and quantification, molecular biology research, gene expression analysis, DNA cloning, functional analysis of human, viral genes and identification of inherited and transferable diseases, viral quantification, genotyping, etc. have contributed valuable data to the medical science field. PCR is used to increase a particular or replica of a piece of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). PCR technologies enable researchers to produce thousands to millions of replicas of specific DNA sequences in a very short period.

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For last few years, the international PCR industry has been witnessing a rising trend in a stable growth rate even during the time of recession. This confirms its positive growth prospects. PCR plays a significant role in the innovative gene augmentation technology. In last few years, this technology has indicated high growth potential.

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Digital PCR, standard PCR, multiplex PCR, actual Q – PCR, hot start PCR, inverse PCR, and assembly PCR, are some of the key PCR technologies available in the market. Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (dPCR) technology is gaining focus at present. It provides greater sensitivity and a higher level of precision; it increases the chances of quicker FDA approvals.

In last few years, the use of PCR technologies is enlarged due to growing number of hospitals and research centers. The key drivers of the global PCR market include an increasing number of patients suffering from infectious diseases, increasing investments in human genome projects and gene therapy, and rise in government funding for R&D. Furthermore, growing applications of PCR technologies in the field of clinical diagnostics and life science is also stimulating the growth of the market.

The key factor limiting the growth of global PCR market is the rise in the non-validated home brew test and settlement issues. A timely and accurate result for real-time PCR instrument is one of the key challenges for the global PCR market. Miniaturization of the PCR process is likely to open new avenues for global PCR market. The report features a comprehensive analysis of the main competitors in the market with in-depth analysis of business strategies, profiles, and business portfolio. Some of the major participants in PCR market include Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC., GE Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Becton, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Agilent Technologies Inc., Dickinson & Company, QIAGEN and many others.

The report features regional analysis of the PCR market with North America holding the largest share of global PCR market, Europe is the next.  The continuous decrease in regular cost of gene sequencing, rising number of cancer patients, growing public and private organization support funding for development of PCR technology, and existence of main pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and rising demand for economic diagnosis in healthcare are the factors attributed to this growth.

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