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Top 5 Tools to Automate Your Digital Marketing Efforts

In a world full of disruptions and information overload, it’s super easy for a business operating online to be so slowed down by daily tasks which makes it hard to progress in any way. But if you’re working with a digital marketing company, they are most likely making use of different technologies to automate repetitive online marketing tasks.  The time and effort saved, allows you to focus on other tasks and projects which are critical to growing your business.

New automation tools emerge almost every day, and it’s important to keep on top of them, so you know which ones are best for your business. You need to think about your goals and make sure that the tools you plan to use will help you achieve them.

Here are 5 tools which can help you save time and money with your Digital Marketing efforts:


Available for Drupal CMS and WordPress CMS, Sumo is a set of online marketing tools which can help you collect emails, drive traffic to specific pages or see critical performance metrics in real time. Creating functional elegant traffic solutions for your websites such as list builders, share buttons, analytics can be difficult and expensive, whereas you can install Sumo tools on your site by copying and pasting a snippet of code on your website, no matter what platform you use.

You don’t have to be a developer or an engineer to create a compelling call-to-action that gets results. Once you’ve installed the code, it’s as simple as picking a template and typing in your copy. You will have access to tools like welcome mat which will turn any page into your highest converting page with just a few clicks.

Sumo also integrates with the best email providers such as Aweber and MailChimp and many more. Their heat maps will show you exactly where your visitors are and aren’t clicking and if your internet marketing services provider has installed Google Analytics, you will be able to see your data in real time without leaving your site.


ActiveCampaign gives you the options of creating personalised and targeted emails in just a few minutes. Any content you want to add to your email can be simply dragged and dropped over. You can create targeted emails by using conditional content blocking. This allows you to set the condition to a content block – if your contact opens the email and it matches that condition, they will be able to view the content specific to them.

ActiveCampaign offers several automation modules you can access by going to “New Automations” and selecting the recipe of your choice. Goals allow you to remove a contact from your automation once they’ve achieved a goal. You can set a goal by placing it at the end of your email sequence, naming the goal and then setting a condition so the system which recognises when the goal has been achieved. ActiveCampaign offers goal reporting so you can see exactly who achieved the goal and how long it took for them to achieve it.

You can also see exactly what time someone entered the automation and what time they achieved the goal. You will also be able to rank the goal, see your top performing tags, lists and your completion times as well.

With ActiveCampaign deep data integrations, your digital marketing company can help you review purchase history within the contacts record. If you are selling products on your website, you will be able to see how much a customer has spent with you and also their last order or product name. Using deep data integration you can trigger a contact into an automation and segment them by their purchase history. With attribution, you can see what touchpoints your contacts went through and what sources they came from prior to making a conversion.

ActiveCampaign also enables you to trigger contacts into an automation once they completed a conversion. You can send personalised automated text for appointment reminders or promotional codes.


The internet is an enormous and constantly evolving playing field with a lot going on. Adroll is a retargeting tool which helps untangle the web to automate the process of finding customers.

AdRoll works by combining math, science and technology with a huge amount of data. Traditional targeting serves ads based on a blurry, demographic understanding of what your customer looks like such as location, age, gender and interests. But just because someone vaguely resembles your customer, it does not mean they’re currently in the market to buy, let alone that they’ll ever be your customer. AdRoll Prospecting analyses your website’s customer intent data to identify online behaviour patterns of existing customers. Using these patterns, users that act like existing customers are found and ads served to these target audiences.

AdRoll gives businesses an opportunity to access a growing pool of thousands of their advertisers’ customer data. By going through millions of digital profiles, they can serve your ads to potential new customers which you will find difficult to reach on your own.


Zapier is a tool which enables you to connect your favourite web apps and automatically move information between them. For example, with Zapier you can connect Salesforce, MailChimp, Gmail slack and over one thousand more apps to each other.

Connecting two or more apps and automatically performing repetitive tasks between them is called an automated workflow which can save you hours. Instead of having your internet services provider create them manually, with Zapier, you can easily and automatically move information between the web apps you use every day such as Dropbox or Evernote and spend your valuable time on your most important work.

Say for instance you get a lot of emails with files attached to your Gmail account and would like to save those attachments to Dropbox. With Zapier, you can connect Gmail and Dropbox, so instead of having to open up each email, simply click on the attachment and then save it to Dropbox.


Hootsuite offers you a dashboard where you can manage all of your social media profiles in one place whether it’s Twitter Facebook LinkedIn or Google+.

Whether you’re managing social media on your own or employ online marketing service providers, Hootsuite will save hours of valuable time when interacting on social media.

For example if you write a new blog post and share it on Facebook and Twitter, instead of logging into each of the platforms, using Hootsuite you can schedule messages with links to your post.

It’s a tool that makes all of your social media updating manageable, easy and cost effective.

Hootsuite does an excellent job of bringing all the analytics into one place so rather than

going to Facebook and printing out your insights from one account, you can go to Hootsuite and develop a report where you can see how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  and other profiles are affecting your bottom line.

You can even add Google Analytics, so you really get an overall idea of how your social media marketing is working and maybe where you need to make any changes so you’re not wasting time and money on ineffective social media strategies and tactics.

Although marketing automation software tools are important for a digital marketing company to improve operational efficiencies, they aren’t a substitute for personal touch. Your prospects look for building personal relationships.

While automation can answer general questions, they don’t help with answering specific questions or queries. In these situations, it is important to pick up the phone or send a personal email to a prospect or customer.

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