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Frequently Asked Questions - Market Reports Center

Who we are? What is Market Reports Center?

Market Reports Center is a report aggregator that provides easy access documents & reports containing market information. You can read more by visiting About Us.

How will Market Reports Center help me save time?

Normal search results would open newspaper columns & articles, Wikipedia pages. Market Reports Center would show market research reports, thereby eliminating the need to go through Google or Yahoo! results for information that still needs to be verified for its authenticity.

What if I have a query on a specific report?

If you have a query on a specific report, you can use the tab “Inquiry” and fill in the details with the mentioned query. By filling this form one of our members will respond to you by Email/Telephone to address your query.

Are there samples available for the reports listed on the Market Reports Center site?

The availability of sample differs from report to report. In many cases samples are available from a report’s report page after you login, or we can refer for these. Simply contact us if you would like to request a sample for a specific report and we can check if one is available.

How can I ensure I will receive Market Reports Center’ response to my correspondence?

Our Executives will respond to all queries sent to us within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply then it mostly likely to be labelled as a Spam by your Spam Filter Program.

To ensure that the email we send you ends up in your inbox, and not sent to your Spam/Junk folder, please add our email domains, which are or mark them as ‘Not Junk

Where can I get a Proforma Invoice?

You can contact us directly and request for a Proforma Invoice by clicking the Contact Us link.

How do I search for a report?

The reports on our site are available in different formats. The list of formats for a report can be seen on the right hand side of each report page. You can also view more details on format/license types by clicking the “Formats & Delivery” tab on each report page.

Some typical format/license options offered are:

Electronic: This report will typically be emailed to you as an attachment, or downloaded from a link sent in an email. Electronic copy reports are typically in PDF format but may also be in Excel, Word and PowerPoint depending on the nature of the published report.

There are various Licenses available in electronic format.

Online Access: The details of your online access will be emailed to you after receipt of your order.

Hard Copy: This report will be shipped to you in either hard or soft cover format after receipt of your order and payment.

CD-ROM: This report will be shipped to you in the form of a CD-ROM disc after receipt of your order and payment.

Which browsers are supported?

All the browsers are supported however we would recommend you to use Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

What is the format of the report?

Mostly in PDF. You can also get Word and PowerPoint documents. It will however depend on the original format in which the document was published.

Which payment methods to you use?

We offer a wide range of payment options:

Paying online with a credit card is easy and safe. Our secure server encrypts all submitted information.

For payment by wire/bank transfer or invoice; please contact one of our representatives who will send you an order form.

If we need your details to register you as a supplier. What to do?

You can contact one of our representatives who will share the required information with you.

I would like to publish my reports on your website. How can I do that?

Please connect us by filling this form. We will contact your for an agreement with your company.

Market Reports Center Policies

Does Market Reports Center require full payment before report dispatch?

Due to the nature of the reports we sell, we would not be able to arrange the dispatch of the report until payment has been received in full.

What is Market Reports Center’ refund/return policy?

Due to the nature of the reports (which is purely information based they are consumed once purchased and cannot be returned) we usually do not provide refunds for orders, or accept returns.

Our representative will try to address all your query/queries regarding the product, however if you still not satisfied with our response, conditional refund will be provided which will solely lie at our own discretion.

What is Market Reports Center’ cancellation policy?

We do accept the cancellation of an order once it has been placed. When placing an order with Market Reports Center, you agree to our Terms and Conditions which can be seen at Terms and Conditions

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