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Production and Market of Chinese Metal Injection Molding Industry 2015-2020 Proposal

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Production and Market of Chinese Metal Injection Molding Industry 2015-2020 Proposal

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Published Jun-15
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?To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese and global metal injection molding industry;
?To introduce Chinese major players of metal injection molding industry;
?To disclose market size of Chinese and global metal injection molding industry;
?To analyze competitions of metal injection molding industry;
?To analyze demand and supply of Chinese metal injection molding industry;
?To understand position of China’s metal injection molding trade in the world;
?To reveal operation and performance of major players in metal injection molding industry.

The report will investigate global and Chinese metal injection molding industry from the following aspects:
?Domestic and global market
?Business environment
?Supply and demand
?Forecast and prospective
?Key statistics
?Key players
?Strategy and tactic
?Investment risks and recommendation

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a new technology that has fully support by government’s high-tech research project. Metal injection molding technology has the characteristics that efficiency, highly accuracy, high intensely, complex structure, and low cost. Over 20 years development, metal injection molding technology has matured and widely used in metaling industry all over the world. For now, there are more than ten enterprises involved in MIM professional technology research and development in China; moreover, MIM technology has apply to many realms e.g. mechanics, electronics, automobile, appliances, medical devices, etc.

There are huge demands of MIM technology in Chinese and Indian markets; it is predictable that MIM industry will meet swift development in these countries. Since Japan and some Western countries restrict MIM technology spread, consequently, many Asian MIM advance manufacturers have the opportunity to capture Chinese and Indian market. As China is a global manufacturing power, there are large markets and demands on MIM technology. Currently, MIM technology has widely applied to aero crafts parts and automobile parts manufacturing, and it would be apply to other industries as well in the close future.

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Table of Content


Part Contents
Executive summary
Definition and methodology
I Global Metal Injection Molding Industry
I-1 Metal injection molding industry overview
I-2 Major regions of metal injection molding market
I-2.1 U.S.
I-2.2 Asia
I-2.3 Europe
I-3 Trends of global metal injection molding industry
II Technology
II-1 Domestic method of manufacture
II-2 Technology advantages
II-3 Metal injection molding
II-4 Metal injection molding problem
II-5 Metal injection molding technology in foreign countries
II-6 Trend of metal injection molding technology
III Chinese Metal Injection Molding Market
III-1 Overview
III-2 Study of large size metal injection molding parts
III-3 Metal injection molding production
III-4 Demand of metal injection molding
III-5 Characteristics of metal injection molding products
III-6 Cost of metal injection molding
III-7 Process of metal injection molding
IV Chinese Metal Injection Molding Industry Chain
IV-1 Metal Injection Molding Industry Chain
IV-2 Raw material
IV-3 Equipment
IV-4 Application
V Chinese Metal Injection Molding Competition
V-1 Market Structure
V-2 Industry concentration
V-3 Competitive strategy
VI Bellwether Company
VI-1 Tsing Tao Tongxiang Metal Injection Moulding Co., Ltd.
VI-1.1 Introduction
VI-1.2 Production
VI-1.3 Performance
VI-1.4 Sales network
VI-1.5 Competitive advantage
VI-2 Reccotek Metal Injection Molding Co., Ltd
VI-3 Shandong Jinzhu Material Technology Co., Ltd.
VI-4 Beijing Jarain PIM tech.Co.,Ltd.
VI-5 Ningbo Hiper Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.
VI-6 Suzhou Hengrui Powder Metallurgy Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
VI-7 Shenzhen AT&M Highmag Metal Co., Ltd.
VI-8 Beijing Winnners Powder Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
VI-9 Changzhou Langi New Material Tech Co., Ltd.
VI-10 Shenzhen PIM Technology Co., Ltd.
VI-11 Jinan Tairun New Material Co., Ltd.
VII Trend and prospective of Chinese Metal Injection Molding Industry, 2015-2020
VII-1 Chinese metal injection molding industry investment prospective
VII-2 Investment risks
VII-3 Investment strategy and recommendation
VIII Metal Injection Molding Business Strategy and Tactics
VIII-1 Metal injection molding strategic development planning
VIII-1.1 Business upgrades
VIII-1.2 Business expands
VIII-1.3 Business sustainable develops
VIII-2 Metal injection molding business strategic planning gist
VIII-2.1 Government policy
VIII-2.2 Industry law of development
VIII-2.3 Resource and capability
VIII-2.4 Foreseeable strategic positioning
VIII-3 Metal injection molding business tactics
VIII-3.1 Integrated tactical planning
VIII-3.2 Technology develop tactic
VIII-3.3 Regional tactical planning
VIII-3.4 Industry tactical planning
VIII-3.5 Brand marketing tactic
VIII-3.6 Competition tactical planning
VIII-4 Key customer strategy
VIII-4.1 Necessary of key customer strategy
VIII-4.2 Key customer definition
VIII-4.3 Key customer development
VIII-4.4 Key customer marketing
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List of Figures

List of Tables
Table 1 Chinese metal injection molding industry financial index, 2014-2015
Table 2 Chinese metal injection molding parts production, 2009-2015
Table 3 Metal injection molding industry recruiting needs, 2014

List of Figures
Figure 1 Metal injection molding process routing
Figure 2 Comparison between MIM and traditional metaling
Figure 3 Growth of Chinese MIM parts production, 2009-2014

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