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Market Analysis of Heat Exchanger in China 2015-2020

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Market Analysis of Heat Exchanger in China 2015-2020

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Publisher ASKCI
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Published Jul-15
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1)The Aim of Report
?To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese heat exchanger industry;
?To analyze the market of the industry by segment and by region;
?To discover drivers and barriers of the industry;
?To reveal opportunities for heat exchanger industry in China.

2)Benefit from the Report
?Obtain latest info of heat exchanger industry, such as demand, industrial chain, data analysis, key players, etc.;
?Find out how Chinese heat exchanger market will change and how your business can be involved in;
?Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in the globe and in China;
?Learn about key market drivers and barriers;
?Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license.

The report will investigate Chinese heat exchanger industry from the following aspects:
?Current development;
?Industrial chain;
?Market Analysis;
?Data analysis;
?Key players;
?Future trend;
?Commercial opportunity.
European Union and the U.S. make up 40% of the market share of heat exchanger in the globe. The new growth of the market concentrates on the BRIC countries, which makes up 30% market share. The market scale of heat exchanger in China was RMB70.6 billion. Petrochemical industry was the biggest market segment, with market scale of RMB22.4 billion.
It is estimated that the heat exchanger industry will remain 10% to 15% annual growth between 2010 to 2020. In 2015, the industry scale of heat exchanger industry will reach RMB88 billion, which is expected to reach RMB150 billion in 2020.
In this report, ASKCI will further disclose market potential and commercial opportunities for heat exchanger industry in China. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide suggestions for strategy making.

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Table of Content

Part Contents
Executive Summary
Definition and Methodology
I Overview of Heat Exchanger Industry in the Globe
I-1 Current Development
I-2 Market Scale
I-3 Competition Pattern
I-4 International Heat Exchanger Companies in China
II Overview of Heat Exchanger Industry in China
II-1 Current development
II-2 Market scale
II-3 SWOT Analysis
II-4 Policy and Regulation
III Industrial Chain of Heat Exchanger Industry in China
III-1 Industrial Chain Model
III-2 Upstream Industry Analysis
III-2.1 Steel Industry
III-2.1.1 Output Analysis
III-2.1.2 Price Analysis
III-2.2 Aluminum Industry
III-2.3 Copper Industry
III-2.4 Aluminum Alloy Industry
III-2.5 Related Components
III-3 Downstream Industry Analysis
III-3.1 Petrochemical Industry
III-3.2 Electrometallurgy Industry
III-3.3 Shipbuilding Industry
III-3.4 Mechanical Engineering Industry
III-3.5 Central Heating System Industry
III-3.6 Food Industry
IV Data Analysis of Heat Exchange Industry in China
IV-1 Development Analysis
IV-2 Industry Scale
IV-3 Operational Efficiency
IV-4 Costs and Expenses
V Market Analysis of Heat Exchange Industry in China by Segment
V-1 Recuperative Heat Exchanger
V-2 Plate Heat Exchanger
V-3 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
V-4 Mixed Heat Exchanger
V-5 Regenerative Heat Exchanger
V-6 Ceramic Heat Exchanger
V-7 Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger
V-8 Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger
VI Market Analysis of Heat Exchange Industry in China by Region
VI-1 Yangtze River Delta
VI-2 Pearl River Delta
VI-3 Bohai
VI-4 Southwest China
VI-5 Northwest China
VI-6 Northeast China
VII Market Competition Analysis of Heat Exchange Industry in China
VII-1 Competition Situation
VII-2 Competition Structure Analysis
VII-3 Competitiveness Analysis
VIII Key Players in Heat Exchange Industry in China
VIII-1 Global Heat Exchange Companies
VIII-2 Lanzhou LS Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.
VIII-3 Lapec Technologies Limited
VIII-4 Suzhou Thvow Technology Limited Liability Company
VIII-5 JDM Jingda Machine (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. 
VIII-6 Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co., Ltd.
VIII-7 Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Co., Ltd.
VIII-8 Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd.
VIII-9 Wuxi Jialong Heat Exchanger Stock Company Ltd.
VIII-10 Wuxi Hongsheng Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
VIII-11 Hangzhou Zhongtai Cryogenic Technology Corporation
VIII-12 Siping Juyuan Hanyang Plate Heat Exchangers Co., Ltd. 
VIII-13 Siping ViEX Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd.
VIII-14 Alfa Laval (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd
VIII-15 API Heat Transfer (Suzhou) Co. Ltd
VIII-16 Sunpower Group Ltd. 
VIII-17 Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd
VIII-18 SWEP Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
VIII-19 APV (China) Co. Ltd. 
VIII-20 SmartHeat Taiyu (Shenyang) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
IX Sales Channel and Marketing Strategy of Heat Exchanger
IX-1 Sales Characteristics
IX-2 Sales Channel and Strategy
IX-3 Marketing Strategy
X Prospect of Heat Exchanger Industry in China
X-1 Development Trend of Heat Exchanger Industry in China, 2015-2020
X-2 Market Scale of Heat Exchanger Industry in China, 2015-2020
XI Conclusion and Recommendations
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List of Figures

List of Table
Table 3 Output of steel in China, 2010-2015
Table 4 Output of aluminum in China, 2010-2015
Table 5 Output of copper in China, 2010-2015

List of Figure
Figure 3 Industrial chain of heat exchanger industry
Figure 4 Price index of steel in China, 2014-2015
Figure 5 Price index of aluminum in China, 2014-2015

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