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Special Report on China’s TMT (Telecommunication, Media, Technology) Industry in 2015

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Special Report on China’s TMT (Telecommunication, Media, Technology) Industry in 2015

Category IT Networking
Publisher ASKCI
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Published Jul-15
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In recent years, China’s TMT industry keeps fast increase. In 2014, China’s netizen reached 590 million, which accounting for 44% of China’s total population. Meanwhile, Chinese social media users accounting for 42% of the population, and there is about 51% of users access social media via mobile phones. In China, the largest number of social media users website is SINA Weibo, followed by QQ zone, Tencent Weibo, Tencent (QQ) and Youku.

According to CCID statistics, the total mobile phone sales in the Chinese market is expected to reach 400 million in 2014, including smart phones accounted for more than 92%, the market share further improve. In terms of smart phone users, the proportion of smart phone users reached 47% Chinese, 98% of smartphone users will find products by phone, 69% of users have used mobile shopping.

In this report, AskCI will profiles the development status of China’s TMT industry, and analyzes TMT’s segment industris with mass data, including communication industry, software industry, Internet, etc.

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Table of Content

Part Contents
I Overview of China’s TMT Industry
II Segment Industries Analysis
II-1 Communication Industry
II-1.1 General Operation Situation
II-1.2 Income Analysis of Communication Industry
II-1.3 Scale Analysis of Users
II-2 Software Industry
II-2.1 Economic Operation Situation
II-3 Internet
II-3.1 Basic Resources
II-3.1.1 Situation of Internet Basic Resource
II-3.1.2 Situation of Internet Netizen Development
II-3.2 Summary of Economic Scale
II-3.2.1 Comprehensive Analysis of Economic Scale
II-3.3 Development Anaysis of Netizen
II-3.3.1 Structure of Netizen
II-3.4 Application Research
II-3.4.1 Statistic of Application
III Research of Industry Hotspots
III-1 4G
III-1.1 Market Size of Stock User
III-1.2 Total Demand Scale of Data Service
III-1.3 Monthly Average Usage of User’s Data Traffic
III-1.4 Application Rate in Mobile Phone Field
III-2 Online Game
III-2.1 Income Scale of Online Game
III-2.2 Income Structure of Online Game
III-2.3 User Scale of Online Game
III-2.4 User Distribution of Online Game
III-2.5 Income Situation of Major Online Game Players
III-3 Internet Finanical
III-3.1 Third Party Payment
III-3.1.1 General Market Size of Third Party Payment
III-3.1.2 Market Structure of Third Party Payment
III-3.1.3 Market Size of Mobile Phone Payment
III-3.1.4 Mothod Structure of Mobile Phone Payment
III-3.1.5 Market Share of Third Party Payment Players
III-3.2 Internet Sales of Fund
III-3.2.1 Scale of Internet Sales of Fund
III-3.3 P2P Lending
III-3.3.1 Market Size of P2P Lending

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