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Special Report on China’s Steam Coal Industry Chain in 2015

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Special Report on China’s Steam Coal Industry Chain in 2015

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Publisher ASKCI
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Published Jul-15
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Based on statistic, China’s steam coal reserves reached 897.41 billion tonnes, accounting for about 75.83% of China’s total coal reserves. China’s steam coal resources is mainly concentrate in North China and Northwest China regions, Inner Mongolia is the largest steam coal reserves province in China, followed by Shaanxi Province, Xinjiang Province, Shanxi Province and Guizhou Province.

In recent years, affected by the power industry and the construction industry growth in coal demand, the output of China steam coal was keep increasing from 1.77 billion tonnes in 2005 to 2.93 billion tonnes in 2013, and the growth slowed down in 2014. In China, steam coal is mainly consume in power industry.

In this report, AskCI profiles the market situation of Chinese steam coal industry from steam coal reserves, production, demand, price, import/export, manufacturers and so on.

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Table of Content

Part Contents
I Supply Analysis
I-1 Coal Reserves
I-2 Output of Coal
I-3 Import Volume of Steam Coal
I-4 Inventory Analysis
II Demand Analysis
II-1 Traffic of Steam Coal
II-2 Balance of Coal
II-3 Export Volume of Steam Coal
III Price Analysis of Steam Coal
III-1 Futures Price
III-2 Price Index
III-3 Price of Steam Coal in Major Cities
III-4 Price of Imported Steam Coal
III-5 Ocean Freight of Coal
IV Consumption Analysis
IV-1 Capacity of Power Generation Equipment
IV-2 Thermal Power Generation
V Substitute Products Analysis
VI Company Analysis
VI-1 Shenhua Group
VI-2 China National Coal Group Corp.

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