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Analysis of Major Steel Listed Company in the Globe

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Analysis of Major Steel Listed Company in the Globe

Category Manufacturing
Publisher ASKCI
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Published Aug-15
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The Aim of this report
?To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of global steel industry;
?To understand the development situation of steel industry in the world;
?Get more information of the major steel producers in the world;
?Gain insight into the major steel producers about operation;
?To predict what future of global steel industry will be;
?To reveal opportunities in global steel industry.


In this report, ASKCI will introduction to market situation of steel industry in global, as well as analyzes the major steel listed company in the globe, including business structure, operation situation, dynamic events, and so on.

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Table of Content


Part Contents
1 Overview of Steel Industry in the Globe
1.1 Current Development
1.2 Market Size
2 Analysis of Major 20 Steel Listed Company in the Globe
2.1 Adriana Resources Inc.
2.1.1 Basic Information
2.1.2 Business Structure
2.1.3 Operation Situation in Recent Three Years
2.1.4 Dynamic Events
2.1.5 Prospect
2.2 Longhai Steel, Inc.
2.3 Moly Mines Limited
2.4 Allied American Steel Corp
2.5 Alloy Steel International, Inc.
2.6 Friedman Industries
2.7 Mount Gibson Iron Limited
2.8 Asaplus Resources Limited
2.9 Bradespar S.A.
2.10 Brazilian Metals Group Limited
2.11 Centrex Metals Limited
2.12 Grange Resources Limited
2.13 Boulder Steel Limited
2.14 Surya Roshni Ltd.
2.15 Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd.
2.16 Maanshan Dingtai Rare & New Materials Co., Ltd.
2.17 Bengang Steel Plates Co., Ltd.
2.18 Ankit Metal & Power Ltd.
2.19 Mount Gibson Iron Limited
2.20 Corinth Pipeworks SA
3 Conclusion
3.1 Opportunities
3.2 Challenge

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