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Government and public sector spans a huge range of human activity: education, taxation, legislation, economics, politics, defense, transport, communications, housing, energy and much, much more. What will be the next fiscal policies and how will they affect the economy? Get behind the sound bites and headlines for detailed analysis of the actions and inaction of states and public bodies around the world. We provide reports covering the latest and biggest issues in this crucial sector

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New study New Industrial Revolution: Gap Between Value of Capital and Value of Jobs Widens. The 2018 study has 47 pages, 10 tables and figures. The net displacement of workers by machines exacerbates the gap between returns to capital and returns to labor. The upper one percent get increasingly richer and the rest of the people have fewer jobs open to them. That is the reality of the new industrial revolution. The simultaneous rise of many new trillion-dollar markets is unique in the h

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